POD - Point of Disposal

The final step in a product's lifecycle

We at TeknTrash created the POD - Point of Disposal. This is a device which captures consumption data.

And, just like there are various flavours of POS according to the sales data requirements, there is the need of various POD according to disposal data requirements.

Stipra is the first POD created by TeknTrash. It provides consumption data based on pictures of products taken by users when they are disposing their household products to obtain rewards, delivering thus the "missing link" in a product's lifecycle.

Consumption data allows a huge number of new possibilities, such as:

. Comparing the time sold and the time consumed and, thus, see how fast the consumer uses the product

. Comparing the place sold and the place consumed and, thus, see if the geographical sales efforts are indeed sensible

. Identifying consumer churn through his or her monthly consumption patterns and, thus, find ways to avoid or correct it