CTO with strong knowledge of APP development

TeknTrash is a AI startup which obtains data from trash. Tekntrash created Stipra.com: a service which rewards people for recycling while allowing companies to obtain valuable consumption data. The company already has campaigns for brands such as Pepsi, Nestle, Nivea, etc. The team includes a serial entrepreneur with a sales to NASDAQ and a world-known PHD. Featured at World Economic Forum, Euronews, etc
The company is searching for a CTO - Chief Technology Officer, to improve its technology stack, especially for 2 apps developed for Android and IOS.
It is a hands on position where the CTO will code himself, and he must live and be able to work in the UK

Skill required:
. A passion for data and/or the environment is a must
. Strong APP development skills for both Android and IOS in native code: code generators, agnostic platforms (React Native, Xamarin, etc) are not acceptable
. Good UX skills: able to create a seamless app navigation which is easy to use and pleasing to the eye
. Good understanding on video formats, platforms, encodings, etc, especially MP4 and MOV
. Experience with AI and ML will be valued, particularly with recognition systems such as Yolo, Darkflow, etc
. Experience in startups environments, when a fast pace and no-nonsense approach is required

This is a leading position which pays in equity (minimum 5%) until funding is obtained at the end of a crowdfunding campaign due to start next month, when the person will also receive a market compatible salary + benefits. As such, the position is being studied by the CEO himself.

Interested parties please send email to alcosta@tekntrash.com