London, 1 March 2022
(For immediate release)

TeknTrash created in Stipra a campaign to help Ukraine in its ongoing war. According to TeknTrash's CEO Al Costa: "More important than trying to find culprits and victims in this war is to help the people. To that end I am proud we are effectively trading good recycling practices for funds to help that suffered nation".

In fact, TeknTrash and Ukraine share a common story, as Mr. Costa was invited to show a prototype he was working on to identify products at disposal sites at an event in Lviv. The event company paid for all travel expenses and the demonstration was seen and applauded by a large number of people. This encouraged Mr. Costa to drop his job at a bank in Barcelona and move to Madrid to start the company. Eventually, he moved to UK as the company was always UK-based.

During his trip (the 2nd time he visited that country to speak at events), Mr. Costa also drove from Lviv to Kiev, taking pictures of the incredibly rich ukrainian soil for a project he has on growing sugarcane in that nation. Thus, Mr. Costa has a deeper understanding about that country and decided to do something. In this campaign, people can trade 500 points for 1 pound to be destined to selected charities Mr. Costa had the opportunity to meet during his trips to that country.

TeknTrash is a AI company which collect data from end of product life cycle. It created Stipra: a SAAS B2B system which rewards people for proper recycling while providing companies with postsales data and real ESG benefits The company is part of Microsoft for Startups and selected by the World Economic Forum as one of 3 most impactful technologies. For more info please contact Sarah De Martin at or at +44 1737669662