London, 1 August 2022
(For immediate release)

What will it take to change peoples behaviour when it comes to recycling? How do we become a society that thinks and buys sustainably every day? Two sustainable UK tech companies experiencing very fast growth, TeknTrash and Tooth.Eco, have come together to help resolve this issue and highlight the benefits of choosing a more sustainable way of living. TeknTrash have developed Stipra, an app which rewards people for proper recycling. Points rewarded in the app can be redeemed against any number of perks and benefits available. Tooth.Eco has partnered with TeknTrash as part of the Stipra rewards program, users can claim their Tooth.Eco product once they achieve a certain number of points from recycling products. This partnership highlights how easy it is to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced across the world simply through recycling and buying products which have a longer life span and manufactured with sustainable materials. It’s companies like Tooth.Eco and TeknTrash which shine a light on how important it is for everyone to act now and change our consumption behaviour to protect the planet for future generations. Joshua Oates, Co-Founder and CEO of Tooth.Eco says, “this strategic partnership is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of how consumers can choose more sustainable everyday products which still deliver on their purpose and look beautiful due to a greater focus on design and aesthetics. 3.5 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year worldwide, and more than 98% are made from completely unsustainable materials. Teaming up with Stipra means we can help encourage proper recycling and the use of more sustainable everyday products.” Tooth.Eco’s crafted design allows for the tooth handle is used forever and only the head needs replacing, significantly reducing the plastic waste generated. Climate change and ESG are topics heavily discussed all over the world whether it be in the political arena or private practise, yet change is not occurring fast enough. In order to challenge old behaviours and create new ones, it will require stronger incentives. Al Costa, CEO and Founder of TeknTrash explains that, “we believe the entire recycling model has failed as it has never rewarded people for recycling, the model has always been a stick instead of a carrot. If we are able to engage users and encourage behavioural change through a rewards program, we are in much better stead to pave a new movement which simply becomes a daily habit. Our partnership with Tooth.Eco demonstrates an aligned vision and equally highlights that replacing throwaway products with more sustainable ones really do contribute to solving the problem of plastic.” The partnership is live on the Stipra app, users can simply download the app to register and earn the required points through the recycling program to redeem a Tooth.Eco subscription.

TeknTrash is a AI company which collect data from end of product life cycle. It created Stipra: a SAAS B2B system which rewards people for proper recycling while providing companies with postsales data and real ESG benefits The company is part of Microsoft for Startups and selected by the World Economic Forum as one of 3 most impactful technologies. For more info please contact Sarah De Martin at or at +44 1737669662