London, November 2022
(For immediate release)

60% of the digital marketing spent by major consumer brands is wasted and 80% of the 30,000 new consumer products launched per year fail. Both, because companies lack a total understanding of their product's lifecycles: they do not have consumption data.

In fact, every product has 3 distinct steps in their lifecycle: production, sales, and consumption. However, only the first 2 are currently being obtained and the market relies on sales data for future batches. But this is the worst type of data for this. for, the fact a product was sold to a wholesaler or even to a direct consumer channel such as a supermarket does not mean it would be sold again, as it could be that the end consumers did not like the product and will not repeat the purchase.

In this, TeknTrash is an AI+analytics company which developed Stipra: a system which manages post-sales data for companies to understand consumer patterns. Stipra is comprised of a SAAS cloud based portal which manages the data and 2 sources of data: an APP available for both Android IOS where users make videos of their household items as they dispose of them to obtain perks and prizes, and a network of smart bins called StipraPOD.

StipraPOD ("Point of Disposal") is in fact the world’s first disposal system which provides companies with valuable consumption data while rewarding users for disposing products. To that, users use an NFC card to identify themselves before disposing their products. A number of sensors identify the products disposed, displaying their names and finally, the number of points awarded.

Companies can then compare this consumption data with their regular sales data obtained from POSs ("Point of Sales") in order to find critical consumer patterns.

Finally, made of bamboo, StipraPOD is much more attractive and ecofriendly to consumers than the usual unattractive black metal bins they find everywhere. It also has a screen which shows advertising, number of points awarded, etc. All these make the StipraPOD a much better option for places where beauty is important, such as shopping centers, airports, restaurants, country clubs, etc

TeknTrash has already developed a working prototype of StipraPOD, and plans to take it to the next level through its parnership with Wolveshill: a leading tech company in UK. Led by Dr. Li Gudong, PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and having worked 10+ years in R&D and product development at a world-leading consumer electronics company. He brings over 20 years’ experience in electronics, IoT, IT and deeptech and will lead a cross-function team to develop the end product.

Al Costa, CEO and Founder of TeknTrash explains that, “Stipra is growing fast with users using the App at an increasing rate, so it is now time to take it to the 2nd level which is to also capture data from smart bins. In this, our partnership with Wolveshill brings in valuable tech expertise and allows us to focus on our ultimate mission which is capturing post sales data.”

Guodong Li, CEO of Wolveshill says, “this strategic partnership is a great opportunity for us to develop a product which we truly believe will revolutionize the FMCG industry by providing it with a missing “link” in their products lifecycles. In this, we are so glad our our tech expertise will be pivotal.”

TeknTrash is an AI+analytics company specialized in post-sales data with the mission to be the world leader in providing companies with insights to increase their consumer understanding and sales. TeknTrash creates softwares to study consumption for every product in the market in order to provide their manufacturer with critical consumption data. This allows companies to know their consumers better, prevent consumer churn, minimize risks on new product launches, and increase brand equity by rewarding their consumers for properly disposing of their products.. For more info please contact or at +44 1737669662