London, 4 April 2022
(For immediate release)

TeknTrash expanded its operations to USA. To that end, it opened an initial office in Santa Clara, California. According to TeknTrash's CEO: "USA is the world's largest market and the obvious choice given the language proximity. And the reason for being in California is because I fundraised before in Sand Hill Road and remember many investors telling me they'd love to invest but the company I had at that time wasn't located in the Bay Area".

The person chosen to lead the new office while a team is being formed is Jaimie Fox. A seasoned executive with a long story working at Microsoft and an investor, Jaimie brings a wealth of connections and a great understanding on the company's model: "I joined TeknTrash because I believe in its values. Companies need to understand that they cannot put the full burden of recycling over their customer's shoulders. And TeknTrash created a system which provides them with critical consumer data so they now have a financial incentive to effectively reward their customer base for disposing properly of their products"

The company is finally crowdfunding to help fund the new operation, and to that end it created a campaign at Wefunder ( and its address (photo) is 2010 El Camino Real # 1352 Santa Clara 95050, USA, and phone number +1 (650) 666-4584

TeknTrash is a AI company which collect data from end of product life cycle. It created Stipra: a SAAS B2B system which rewards people for proper recycling while providing companies with postsales data and real ESG benefits The company is part of Microsoft for Startups and selected by the World Economic Forum as one of 3 most impactful technologies. For more info please contact Sarah De Martin at or at +44 1737669662