The Stipra Ecosystem

A unique and revolutionary proposition

The Stipra Ecosystem is the first service which effectively rewards people for proper recycling while providing companies with unique post-sales data. The ecosystem is made of an app, a monitoring website (, and a network of smart bins connected

A positive help for the environment

Each time a product is properly recycled through Stipra, less methane is delivered in the atmosphere and less plastic in the oceans

A positive help for the disadvantaged

Stipra effective creates a source of income to those in need. And very timely, considering the current state of the economy

A new and much needed source of consumer data

Stipra allows companies to know their customers better through a range of online tools based on consumption data available at


How it works


1 - Companies create campaigns at

Companies register at and create campaigns of the products they want Stipra to track, defining a geographical area, rewards to be given, and other metrics


2 - People make at videos of their household trash when they dispose it

Consumers use a mobile APP (Android and IOS) to make videos of their household items when they dispose of it, or dispose in one of the smart bins connected to the Stipra Ecosystem. Either way, they get an email and a mesage in their mobiles with the amount of points awarded


3 - An AI system locates the products disposed

An AI system finds the products in the movie, looks at to see if there is a campaign for them, awards the points, and saves the picture, along with metadata such as location, age, and gender of the person


4 - Companies use the data to improve their offering

Companies use the data at, seeing in a map in real time each time their products are disposed, export that data, and compare it to their sales data, thus improving their products


Stipra's Capabilities

Positive marketing

Stipra allows companies to show they care about the environment by giving their consumers real benefits for disposing of their products properly


Stipra records the location of each photo taken and shows it in an interactive map in real time

Sales Marketing

Stipra obtains real consumption data and allows to be exported, so companies can compare it to their sales data to learn more about their customers


Stipra is designed to obtain data from mobile APPs, cameras disposed at recycling plants, and reverse vending machines


Stipra employs a gaming system involving 4 levels, 4 schools, and a points system, thus creating an extra incentive for its users


Stipra works with any garbage disposal point, thus maximizing its data collection capabilities


Stipra employs sophisticated AI systems to locate products in videos, assign points accordingly, and create meaningful consumption metrics

Interactive tools

Stipra allows real time monitoring of product disposal, export of that data, and much more